A highly skilled technologist, Mr. Carmi works to bridge the gap between strategic vision, business practice, and software implementation. He has a unique gift for analysis and a broad range of knowledge and skills, enabling him to see unseen patterns and underlying relations and come up with innovative andn imaginative solutions. He is always thinking of ways to improve processes and outcomes, and is very passionate about quality and getting the job done right and on time.

Mr. Carmi enjoys collaborating and working with a team of experts. For example, at JPL he implemented mission critical systems for the Deep Space Network (DSN), receiving the team award for contribution to the DSN. At Hughes Mr. Carmi worked on highly innovative research projects using artificial intelligence for machine vision and cursive handwritten character recognition, and created simple genetic programming in C (SGPC), receiving several high performance awards. At HRL, he created parallel algorithms for the Image Understanding Architecture (IUA) reducing O(n2) algorithms to O(1) while working with hardware engineers.

After leaving the research world, Mr. Carmi was extremely successful in the private sector, using his research skills as a springboard to develop applications to improve customer satisfaction which resulted in measurably increased profits for his clients. His innovativeness enabled him to develop one of the first shopping carts on the internet, and integrate existing business infrastructure with the then new Internet web sites, satisfying the wildest client's dreams well before off the shelf products came out.

Pursuing new ideas with great enthusiasm he inspires and motivates his team. At GBL Systems Corporation he led teams that successfully completed projects using the most advanced technologies and methodologies such as Intelligent Agents and Belief-Desire-Intention methodologies for an Electronic Combat Decision Support System (ECDSS). Mr. Carmi and his team also developed a web application for Use Case creation, re-use, and archival. This application elicited several "wow" and "cool" reactions from the customer, and received funding for continued development.

Mr. Carmi holds multiple degrees including a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics and an MS in Computer Science, graduating Summa Cum Laude in both majors. He is an autonomous thinker and a voracious learner with proven research abilities. He enjoys being intellectually stimulated and continually develops his knowledge base, staying on top of current and upcoming technologies. He loves to innovate and exercise his analytical, problem solving skills, and imagination.

Mr. Carmi lives near Camarillo with his wife of 19 years, 17 years old daughter and 14 year old son. He volunteers with Ventura County ACS (Auxilary Communications Service), providing emergency radio communications to the county and the local chapter of the American Red Cross. In his free time Mr. Carmi works on his Somis ranch, tinkering and inventing. He also enjoys spending time with his family such as hiking, bicycling, playing board games, visiting museums and traveling.

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