Management and Client Endorsements

Avi is a recent hire who has made an impressive entry into our engineering service team's development arena. Avi hit the ground running and has made himself the answer and action point person for our ETIRMS Unique Planning Component development group. He has retained his aura of elation with this new work sense [sic] his hiring in April of this last year.

Avi's productivity has been critical for the ETIRMS Project Lead. His dedication and professional skills are the hallmark to his accomplishments. And I am especially glad that his reputation is categorized within the L-3 partnered engineers of our office.

I believe that Avi will be a designated mentor to other engineers as this Integrated Product Team grows this next year. I expect that he will take to that role with no hesitations and with the same excitement that he brings to the lab each day.

Avi has earned a great deal of respect in a very short amount of time, and by his standards of excellence L-3 rings clear as a primary resource of quality support.

- James (Gunner) Herme, L-3 Communications (first annual employee performance evaluation)

I found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Avi is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate their benefits.

He has successfully developed several software applications for our company that have resulted in customer satisfaction. During his tenure, we saw an increase in profits that was in part the result of the work performed by Avi. He was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company.

In addition to writing effective software modules, Avi assumed a beneficial role in design meetings, inspiring, and motivating other employees.

- James Dark Vice President, GBL Systems Corporation

Some words that come to mind when I think about him are: dedicated, hard worker, team player, intelligent and a nice guy. He was always engaged and motivated, often working late.

- Dan Goldstein CFO, GBL Systems Corporation

Avi worked with our company intensely in an iterative fashion that allowed us to develop a web site the likes of which we hadn't seen before. Avi's expertise, dedication, and work ethic allowed us to be on-line at about one third the cost of competing offers, and ahead of our business schedule.

Through the years, I have come to know Avi personally, and have a huge appreciation and fondness for this honest, knowledgeable and hard working consultant and colleague.

Avi is a gifted individual and will contribute mightily to any project on which he becomes involved.

- John Sutherland Exec VP at Highlander Corporation

Avi's commitment to customer service, is always refreshing. He consistently over delivers on all time-lines and processes. In all of our projects over the years, he has always come up a solution for my challenge.

Seriously he is probably on of the best problem solvers I've worked with. Avi has also fit easily into each implementation team we've been a part of.

- Mike James, Royce Medical (acquired by Ossur)

Avi's intellectual abilities are high. He can both take direction and work autonomously. He is creative, able to think for himself, and works very hard. He is able to express his ideas clearly and can communicate well both in informal group discussions and formal presentations.

He is an extremely nice person and gets along well on a personal level with everyone I know of.

- Dr. Walter Tackett (Supervisor at Hughes and served on MS thesis committee)

I worked with Avi back at Hughes Aircraft Company and as I remember, Avi was an excellent engineer and researcher involved in the development of advanced systems and technologies used in support of tactical missile systems and in commercial diversication projects. He is a dedicated worker who emerses himself in his work and collaborates well with his colleagues in a team environment. His knowledge of artificial intelligence and related technologies was current at the time and he brought innovative ideas to bear on difficult problem areas. I found him personable and a self starter who was easy to work with and enjoyed his activities.

- Jerry Burman, Sr. Research Scientist and Technical Program Manager, Teledyne Scientific & Imaging

I found him to be exceptionally knowledgeable in his discipline (which was, no doubt why he was selected for the Long Beach project). He brings his knowledge and expertise to bear on problems he is solving. He is thorough in the execution of his tasks and pays considerable attention to details. He is able to grasp new and abstract concepts very quickly. He looks for efficient solutions to problems.

Avi contributed excellent suggestions for implementing the moving target indicator algorithm in the Datacube hardware system.

He communicates effectively and make use of existing resources.

He is a hard worker and strives for excellence in his work.

Avi works well with others and was able to interface with a number of different people regarding the software they had written.

I was very pleased with Avi's work and would like to work with him again.

Avi is highly motivated and enthusiastic. He has provided considerable assistance to his co-workers by virtue of his learning and experience. His knowledge and his ability to apply that knowledge are extremely valuable assets for any project. I would seek his assistance on future work and would recommend him to any manager looking for someone bright, motivated and knowledgeable.

I feel that Avi could contribute significantly to the higher level decisions that define the methodology for achieving project goals and would encourage him to participate in top-level design wherever possible.

- Rich Poppenberg, Hughes Aircraft

Avi was chosen as MSG's representative to a six month Hughes/Digital Equipment Corporation Artificial Intelligence Fellowship in Long Beach. Despite the program's technical and programmatic difficulties, Avi adjusted his schedule and activities to derive more from the training program than most of the other participants. He demonstrated significant knowledge in the course material, and grasped new and abstract concepts very quickly. He also spent additional time learning new tools and techniques above what was required.

Avi took an active role in defining and developing advanced technology for Artificial Intelligence based context editing.

He has continued to broaden his knowledge of the problem and the technologies required to provide cost effective solutions. He has demonstrated himself to be creative, highly self-motivated, and proactive. He strives for excellence in his work, and requires little supervision.

Avi has demonstrated that he can work cooperatively and collaboratively with others.

- Michelle Daniels-Koepke Hughes Aircraft

Avi greatly contributed to the success of the Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) IR&D project. His efforts on integrating several technologies into our ICR demonstration system were responsible for the overwhelming positive feedback from customers and management.

Always on time, reliable, and accurate.

Avi has demonstrated that he is a dedicated and committed team player.

Avi has strong analytical, software, and computer systems skills. He constantly strives to broaden his knowledge and investigate new technologies as they relate to our work.

Avi has the capability and willingness to acquire the necessary knowledge to perform his tasks. He pays attention to detail and completes all assignments on schedule.

Avi possesses good analytical and programming skills, He performs his duties in a very professional and thorough manner.

- Tony Baraghimian Supervisor, Hughes Aircraft

Emphasizes a standard of excellence in all work endeavors. Demonstrates accuracy, thoroughness, and dependability - Yes, with a passion!

Perseveres even in the face of very adverse conditions. Creative. Very proactive. Self-motivated, requires very little supervision. Ongoing self-improvement.

- Peter Heldt, Hughes Aircraft

As a lead engineer, Avi was responsible for leading a team of six engineers. Avi worked overtime, often under time pressure, to get codding finished on time for delivery.

Avi has good attitude and his technical competency can only lead to excellence in the field. He requires far less supervision than might be expected and continues to impress with his abilities and increased knowledge.

His accuracy and preparation are excellent and his thoroughness is very good. He is extremely enthusiastic and dependable.

Avi is the most promising technical person we have. He would be difficult to replace.

- Pamela Ness supervisor JPL

Exceptionally intelligent and gifted student. Sharp and inquiring mind.

- Dr. Diane Schwartz, Dean CS Dept CSUN

I would rank Avi in the top 1 percent, top student, with strong theoretical and applied foundation.

- Dr. Michael Barnes, CS Dept CSUN

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